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Name: Clay M. Thompson
Date registered: November 16, 2010


With advanced degrees in engineering from Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Clay M. Thompson is one of the world's foremost MATLAB programmers. He worked at The MathWorks for 9 years developing toolboxes and writing m-files. He was a MATLAB toolbox author (creating the Image Processing Toolbox as well as improving the Control Toolbox) and was the lead language designer for MATLAB 5.0 (the version of MATLAB that introduced multi-dimensional arrays, cell arrays, and MATLAB objects). In 1999, he left The MathWorks and began providing MATLAB consulting services.

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What is Mathematical Engineering?

Simply put, Mathematical Engineering™ is an approach to solving engineering problems that primarily uses mathematics and software. Typical applications of mathematical engineering involve mathematical analysis, machine learning, mathematical modeling, simulations and visualization techniques (including creating specialized user interfaces or GUI’s) that help engineers and researchers do their jobs. At Mathematical Engineering we do all these… Continue reading »


Engineering With Software

At Mathematical Engineering™ we use software and mathematics to create trouble-free custom solutions for your business. We can assist with analyzing your results, speeding up your m-files or creating a sophisticated mathematical model. We can create visualization tools to help you gain insights or a graphical user interface (GUI) to automate your investigations. With specializations… Continue reading »


Expert MATLAB Consulting

Dr. Clay M. Thompson is one of the world’s foremost MATLAB programmers. He knows MATLAB inside and out, and specializes in using MATLAB to develop cost-effective, custom, proprietary applications for our clients. Dr. Thompson worked at The MathWorks, Inc. (the makers of MATLAB) for 9 years developing toolboxes and writing m-files. He was the chief… Continue reading »


M-File Performance Optimization

MATLAB m-file optimization is one of our most popular services. We offer a risk-free guarantee of at least a 200% performance improvement. Our principal, Dr. Clay Thompson, has been optimizing m-files for years, often achieving a speed improvement for a collection of m-files of 400% or more. In some cases, we have even increased performance… Continue reading »


Software Development for Mobile Devices

Dr. Clay Thompson has been writing software for mobile devices since 1998. He has created many custom applications for our clients. See our mobile solutions page for examples. We can help you develop software specifically for your needs. We can work from your specifications or create a product to solve a specific problem or to… Continue reading »