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Name: Clay M. Thompson
Date registered: November 16, 2010


Dr. Clay M. Thompson is a MATLAB guru. With advanced degrees in engineering from Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Thompson is one of the world's foremost MATLAB programmers. He worked at The MathWorks for 9 years developing toolboxes and writing m-files. Over the years, Dr. Thompson has written thousands of m-files. If you use MATLAB, you have probably used many of the m- and mex-files he created. He is the author of the Image Processing Toolbox and a co-author of the Control Toolbox as well as many of the functions in the MATLAB toolbox itself.

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  1. Understanding Sparse Matrix Storage — December 8, 2010
  2. Sparse and Automatic Accumulation — December 8, 2010

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Understanding Sparse Matrix Storage

Sparse matrices are powerful tools that can be used to save memory when processing and storing matrices that contain a lot of zero values. Within a sparse matrix, only the non-zero values are stored which can mean significant memory savings. For example, a 501-by-501 tri-diagonal matrix contains 251,001 values as a full matrix while it… Continue reading »


Sparse and Automatic Accumulation

The sparse function is normally used to create sparse matrices but it has a trick up its sleeve! ¬†This post reveals one of my favorite MATLAB tricks. When used with the tuple syntax, sparse(i,j,v) or sparse(i,j,v,m,n), any repeated (i,j) elements are automatically accumulated! In other words, the sparse function automatically sums any values that are… Continue reading »