MATLAB Case Studies

The following is a sampling of the types of solutions we have created for our clients:1

Laboratory GUI

We created MATLAB-based user interfaces to aid in the collection of experimental data in a product test situation. The user interfaces support both calibration and production runs and interfaced with several measuring devices. The data was displayed in graphical and tabular form and saved in a database. The GUI was designed to be run by technicians with little or no MATLAB experience.

M-file Speed Improvement

MATLAB m-file speed-up is one of our most popular services. We routinely make speed improvements of 2x or more. For one particular client, we made changes to several m-files used within a long running Monte-Carlo simulation and achieved a substantial speed improvement. A simulation that used to take a day could now be done in minutes. The speed improvement allowed the client to run many more runs within the allotted time and to avoid purchasing additional workstations.

Research Tool

We created a MATLAB-based user interface and m-files as a front end to a set of m-files developed by university researchers. The GUI simplifies the specification of the research parameters and keeps track of the various runs. The results are plotted within an interactive graph GUI that allows the researchers to quickly view various aspects of the results.

Model Building

We helped a researcher turn a mathematical model into a numerical model in MATLAB. The model was based on ordinary and partial differential equations. The researcher subsequently used the model to compare to experimental results taken from actual hardware and publish the results.


We have helped several clients using MATLAB to find optimal solutions. Our advice helped the clients improve convergence and find better solutions.  In some cases, we suggested alternative optimization techniques that allowed them to find a better solution or scale up to handle a more complicated problem.

Custom M-file Development

Many clients have asked us to write m-files to read proprietary data formats, perform data analysis and visualization and implement an algorithms in MATLAB.

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1The case studies on this page have been generalized and obscured to protect the confidentiality of our clients