Mobile Software Solutions

Custom software for Palm OS, Windows Mobile and iPhone

The following describes some of the solutions we have created for our clients:

Skyguide Airline Timetable for Palm OSAirline Timetable

We developed the PocketFly line of electronic airline timetables for Goldenware Travel Technologies. This product has been licensed by 11 airlines (including American Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa, the Star Alliance and American Express). The America Express product, Skyguide is shown on the right. As part of the product, we developed Windows and Macintosh conduits that refresh the timetable data weekly. In addition, we developed innovative algorithms that are able to compress up to 2 months of airline timetable information into a small database that is less than 200 KB. Size is important for handheld devices.

Currently at version 5.1, the electronic timetables are available as free downloads from the airlines that have licensed them (look for electronic timetable on their web sites). Pocket Fly runs on all Palm OS devices. It is localized into four languages (English, French, German and Spanish).

Hardware Interface Software

We created a custom Palm OS application to interact with and download data from a water level logging device. The application creats data files for analysis within a Windows XP application we also helped to create.

MathU RPN Calculator for iPhoneProfessional Calculators

We sell a line of professional calculators that run on iiPhone, Palm and Windows Mobile devices. The calculators are available through our web site. Many special purpose algorithms were developed to support the numerous numerical functions built into the calculators.

Employee Data Capture

We created a custom Palm OS application to capture employee time card information. This application communicates with a wireless modem capable of e-mailing the time card information. The resulting e-mail is processed by a custom Outlook filter and imported into the accounting package used by the client.

Enterprise Software

We have created custom mobile software for clients that is deployed within the enterprise. An example is an application we created that is used to track deliveries. This application shares the collected data with a web-based server and downloads new delivery instructions daily.

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Note: Some of the case studies on this page have been generalized and obscured to protect the confidentiality of our clients. Skyguide is a trademark of American Express. PocketFly is a trademark of Goldenware Travel Technologies, LLC.